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Vidas perdidas en el silencio


Lacuna Coil

I stand, looking my hand
I talk with these lines
That's not the answer
I cry and now I know
looking the sky
I search an answer

So free, free to be
I'm not another liar
I just want to be myself… myself

And now the beat inside of me
is a sort of a cold breeze and I've
never any feeling inside
around me…
I bring my body
carry it into another world
I know I live… but like a stone I'm falling down

Damned, looking into the sky
I can feel this rain
right now it's falling on me
fly, I just want to fly
life is all mine
some day I cry alone,
but I know I'm not the only one
I see that another day is gone
I don't wanna die…
Please be here when I'll arrive, don't die… please

  • Frase del día, o que acabo de encontrar y me gusto y se puede decir que es la frace del dia tabien...:
"Ama la realidad que construyes! "

Y bueno... hay ke konformarce... Eso nada mas.

... Le pongo komentarios a esta o no? *-)

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